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Whichever stage of your real estate journey, Ray White Bream Bay & Waipu offers a solution to reaching your potential.

As a real estate group, we see ourselves as a springboard for our people. The harder you jump on a springboard the higher you will go. What we seek to provide is more than just support. It’s more than a brand. It’s a two-way relationship, whereby if you push harder you can go higher. Our objective is to continue to develop tools and resources that provide tangible growth trajectories in businesses of all marketplaces and above any market cycle.

Ray White Bream Bay & Waipu is for the Ambitious. Those that buy into the mantra that indeed there is ‘No Finish Line’.

We know that people with ambition can be successful in any group, but our commitment is to do all we can to ensure you will achieve more as part of our group. See what we offer to our sales agents to understand how our springboard can be of value to you.

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We welcome anyone that seeks to build a great career in real estate, and who want to use our springboard to reach their potential.

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What we do expect, is that you’ll have the same work hard, play hard attitude that makes Ray White Bream Bay & Waipu so unique. In return, we’ll work with you to kick-start your marketing to get (and keep) you on your feet. Spread your wings and take your business to the next level, with a brand and team that promotes growth through the delivery of current, cutting edge resources, putting you ahead of your competition and enabling a true customer experience.

Be part of something great …

Team up with the market leader and tap into a new platform to complement your skill base and allow your business to soar!

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Amplify Your Business, Service, Capacity

Ray White Bream Bay & Waipu provides the ultimate real estate experience – not only for our clients, but our employees too. Imagine working in a team that actually encourages creativity, innovation and personal success in a dynamic team atmosphere. Ray White is an international brand that reinvests back into platforms and training so our agents can be the best they can be.

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What we offer:

  • 195 offices nationwide with an emphasis on family culture.
  • A generous commission structure that rewards results.
  • A stable working environment in a diverse, supportive team with an emphasis on sharing.
  • A powerful and unique team with a strong community focus and a plethora of training and resources available.
  • The opportunity to build off our established and well-respected local, national and international brand.

Family Culture

Connect with inspiring , exceptional individuals and Enjoy Growth & Success with us. Together we can create your Future

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