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Realities of being on the Market

You’ve put your property in the market – so, what happens next?  Here are a few realities of being
on the market to better prepare you for the coming weeks…

The Marketing Process
Your Ray White Sales Consultant will provide you with a marketing and advertising plan, specific to your property, once you have given us your approval to proceed with the marketing of your property.
Most interest and activity appears in the first two weeks of your property being marketed.  If there has been little interest in the first weeks of marketing, we will need to re-assess our marketing campaign.  Rest assured, your Ray White  Sales Consultant will contact you on a regular basis and keep you informed of progress.

Dealing With Enquiries
Over the course of marketing your home, you may be contacted by private buyers or sales consultants from other agencies.  If so, please take their name and contact numbers or refer them to your Ray White Sales Consultant.  All enquiries or expressions of interest should be referred to your Sales Consultant.  Your consultant will leave you with a selection of their business cards to hand out.  For security reasons, please do not show strangers through your home – phone your Sales Consultant first.

Communication of Buyer Feedback
Be prepared for some negative comments from prospective buyers.  Please do not be upset as we are required to pass this feedback on.  You may also receive a low offer which you may consider insulting.  Our job is to present all offers to you and try to educate the purchaser as best we can.

Showing of Your Home
Remember that first impressions count.  Although it can be a chore – a good clean and declutter prior to each open home can do wonders.  We also recommend that you lock all your valuables away prior to the first open home, for security and your own peace of mind.  It may also be beneficial to remove any chattels that you do not wish to remain with your property prior to the first showing.

We find that most interest from prospective buyers is generated from open homes and private inspections.  When we show purchasers through your home, it is generally more beneficial for you not to be there.  This allows the purchaser more freedom and less pressure and they generally linger longer.

Multiple Offers
If, while an offer is being negotiated, a second offer is received, the first party will be asked to cease negotiations.  Both parties will be asked to sign a Disclosure Document
and will be given the opportunity to make their best offer.  Both offers will then be presented to you at the same time by either your Ray White Sales Consultant or a Ray White Company Director.

What If…

… a buyer walks in off the street?
This doesn’t happen very often, but if it does it is advisable (for your own security)  to get their name and contact details and pass these on to your Ray White Sales Consultant who can arrange a suitable viewing time for them.

… a sign blows over or is damaged?
If a sign blows over, is damaged, vandalised, crooked, or disappears, then please call your consultant who will arrange to either replace or repair the sign as soon as possible.

… I don’t feel confident in negotiating?
Your consultant has been trained to help you through the negotiation process.
Feedback from our clients tells us that this is the stage where most people need assistance.  If you feel at any stage that you want a second opinion or want some help with this, don’t hesitate to call our management team or our Customer Service Manager.

… I can’t get a hold of my sales consultant?
If you urgently need to contact your consultant and cannot get a hold of them on their mobile or home phone, then please call the Ray White  Office on 09 433 0334 and ask to speak to either our Customer Services Officer or Sales Manager.  They will do everything possible to either contact your Sales Consultant or remedy your problem or concern.

… my advertising is wrong?
Unfortunately, this occurs infrequently, however sometimes mistakes with publishers are beyond our control.  If your advertisement is incorrect, please let your Sales Consultant know as soon as possible and they will work towards an appropriate solution.

… I have other queries?
It is our intention to work with you to get your home sold in the quickest possible time for the maximum sale price.  If there is anything else that is concerning you at any stage of the marketing, do not hesitate to call your Sales Consultant or Ray White Customer Care Manager.